Beginner’s Guide To The Different Types Of Solicitors In Altrincham

Beginner’s Guide To The Different Types Of Solicitors In Altrincham

While most people avoid any situations which may result in legal complications, there are instances where legal outcomes cannot be avoided. If you happen to find yourself in one of these situations, such as a motor vehicle accident claim, it is always recommended that you hire a solicitor to represent your case. While legal problems may seem quite straightforward, particularly with the immense amount of legal television shows in the media, they can have wide reaching implications and often only trained professionals are competent to navigate the waters. Due to the fact that there are numerous types of legal problems in which you may find yourself, it is beneficial to have an idea of the different types of attorneys available to represent your case. This article will provide information on the different types of solicitors in Altrincham.

1. The High Street Solicitors

Once you first discover you are in need of legal assistance, it is most likely that you will consult with one of the high street solicitors. The high street solicitor is also known as a general solicitor and is beneficial in that they have been trained to deal with various aspects of the legal code. However, they do not represent the client and will commonly refer you to a more specialised solicitor who may suit your specific needs.

2. The Divorce Solicitors

The rate of divorce is slowly increasing in the 21st century and while the idea of lifelong marriage is intriguing, it is not realistic. A divorce solicitor is an attorney who offers legal advice and representation in the case where people wish to dissolve their marriage. This type of solicitor is useful in dividing assets, discussing legal matters regarding family business, and achieving settlements that suit both parties.

3. The Property Solicitors

A property solicitor, also known as a conveyancing solicitor, is a legal professional who will advise an individual when purchasing commercial or residential property. This type of lawyer is able to represent their client to ensure that all transactions are “above board” and make the property transaction successful without too many complications.

4. The Personal Injury Solicitors

A personal injury solicitor is a type of solicitor that can be contacted when a person is injured in an accidental situation. It is important that the situation was not your fault and through representation you would be able to seek compensation. This solicitor is beneficial in that they are able to provide advice on how to file compensation claims and, if required, represent the case in court arguing against the party responsible for the injury. A personal injury solicitor is also known as a ‘no win, no fee’ solicitor.

5. The Tax Solicitor

The tax solicitor is a legal professional operating in the financial sector of both large and small companies; therefore, business owners are most likely to be clients. This type of solicitor has a primary responsibility to assist with the tax procedure and is useful in that they have a strong known of complicated tax legislation; as well as how it is applied to the tax system.